Users say:

"It's really something to behold. I can take photos, add comments and email them right away. This is useful for business reports too. I can see how my sales agents are doing – whether they've been doing office visits – and realtors, couriers... The program has amazing potential!"

Alexandr Bukurov,
Bitek Inc, CEO

"Exporting images to PDF is a real lifesaver! You can make multipage documents as well, or photograph a transfer order and send it by email. PDFs are better than JPEGs – they're more convenient and tamper-resistant."

Donaktiv Bank, CSO

With PDF Report, it's easy to generate reports that include your photos and comments. Here are some examples:

Main Window

1. Shopping ++.

You're planning to do a kitchen makeover. So you go around to different companies and compare different design options. Like a kitchen? Just photograph it on your iPhone and add your comments to the photo: name of the kitchen, price, phone number of the company, impressions of the salesperson, and so on. The result is a PDF file that contains all the kitchen designs that you like. Send the PDF to your home computer by email and you can make your final choice at home. Sit down with your family as you carefully review your options, viewing the report on your computer monitor or TV screen.

2. New faces.

You've just started work at a new company. New people are all around you, and remembering all their names and titles is a job in itself! With PDF Report, you can photograph your colleagues (or import their profile pictures from Facebook) and make a reference with their photos, names, and titles. Enjoy your handy cheat sheet, which is always available on your iPhone!

3. Travel.

When you're back from a big vacation, you often don't have the time to sort, comment, and upload hundreds of photographs from your trip. It's so much easier to add comments to photos right as you take them. You can send this “trip overview” to your parents and friends by email as soon as you return home!